VMEbus Single Board Computers and Carrier Cards

Add 7 to 10 years of life to your system with modern technology with this high-performance SBC that features a FPGA-based VME to PCIe-bridge solving the end of life issue with the TSI148 VME interface chip. Acromag is focused on developing embedded computing solutions that provide the best long term value in the industry.

If you’re one of the thousands who depends on the continued use of your VMEbus systems you can feel confident that Acromag is there for you. This single board computer updates your legacy systems with an Intel processor that will deliver significant performance advancements such as: enhanced microarchitecture, integrated graphics, and expanded memory performance with up to 16GB of high-bandwidth DDR3L memory and ECC memory controllers.

Experienced with defense and military contractors for 35+ years, we understand that many applications need VME single board computer upgrades using the latest and greatest processing technology, yet work with your existing card cage.

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