VPM Series DisplayWizard LP Software

Easy-to-Use DisplayWizard LPTM Programming Software Free, PC-based, DisplayWizard LP software that connects to the meter via a micro USB cable is available for programming and setup of the meters. This software greatly simplifies the programming process and also allows the user to save configuration files for later use. The meter will also be powered by…

microBlox® multiLogger Mobile App

The microBlox® multiLogger Tool is a mobile application that allows you to log data from up to 14 Acromag microBlox® Signal Conditioning devices simultaneously. You can download the microBlox® multiLogger Tool application free of charge from the Apple® App Store® at (Apple iOS).

Agility Config Tool (Tethered)

The Tethered Agility™ Config Tool is a mobile application that allows easy setup and configuration of the Acromag TT Series Transmitters and Acromag SP Series Signal Splitters via a tethered mobile device.