Compare Platinum, Copper, or Nickel RTD temperature sensor input signals against user-defined hi/lo setpoint alarm limits for failsafe relay trip activation.

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    801T: Universal Input Intelligent Temperature Transmitter

    • 0 to 20mA DC, 0 to 10V DC output
    • Mechanical relay (25V @ 5A) alarm
    • 10-36V DC power
    • Software configured
    • Performs linearization, square root extraction, and optional limit alarm functions
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    832A Dual RTD Input Intelligent Alarm

    • 2 input┬áchannels, RTD (Pt, Ni, Cu) input
    • Dual mechanical relay outputs
    • 10-36V DC power
    • Software configured; multi-function alarms (limit, window, deviation, rate-of-change, peak/valley detection); on/off controller capability
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    932MB, 934MB: RTD/Resistance Modbus-RTU Input Modules with Limit Alarms or Discrete Outputs

    • 2 or 4 input channels, RTD (100 ohm Pt, 120 ohm Ni, 10 ohm Cu) or resistance (0 to 500 ohms) input
    • Solid-state relays discrete output, Form A, SPST-NO
    • 10 to 36V DC, 24V AC power
    • Modbus-RTU high-speed RS-485
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    uB34, uB35: Platinum RTD Field Input Module

    • Bluetooth┬« wireless configuration option
    • Platinum RTD (2,3, or 4-wire) field input
    • Voltage host output
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