Application Notes

How to Use Temperature Transmitters to Optimize Solar Panel Performance Application Note

Monitoring Weather Conditions Helps Optimize Performance of Utility-Scale Solar Panel Arrays On a recent Swinerton project, Columbia Weather integrated the newly released Hukseflux SR20 solar sensor. SR20 is a pyranometer of the highest category in the ISO 9060 classification system: secondary standard. This solar radiation sensor is used where the highest measurement accuracy is required….

How to have a Flow sensor with a non-Linear Reversed Output Application Note

Flow sensor with a non-linear reversed output: Create a 4-20mA output proportional to flow rate using Acromag’s Model 811T Have a flow sensor with a non-linear reversed output. Create a 4-20mA output proportional to flow rate. Model: 811T-0500 DC to DC Isolated Transmitter Model: 800C-SIP Software Interface Package Optional: PS5R-D24 Power Supply

How to Monitor RTDs for Temperature Differential Application Note

Defining the Problem: Monitor three RTD’s on a stack and transmit two differential 4-20mA signals representing -7 to 18°F. Each RTD transmitter is calibrated -20 to 120°F. Solution: Model 892M-0500 math module (qty. 3) Model 800C-SIP software interface pkg. (qty. 1) Model PS5R-VD24 power supply (qty. 1)

How to Calculate the Discharge Rate Q (g.p.h.) Output of a V-notch Weir Application Note

Defining the Problem: Calculate the discharge rate Q (g.p.h.) output of a V-notch weir. Provide a 4-20mA output for flowrate and frequency output for totalization and alarm output for high-level alarm. Solution: Model 892M-0500 DC output math module Model 895M-0800 freq. output math module Model 800C-SIP software interface package Optional: Model PS5R-VD24 power supply