Signal Conditioner or Signal Transmitter, what’s the Diff?

By Mike, Inside Technical Sales Representative

Is it a signal conditioner, or a signal transmitter, or even a signal converter and yes a signal isolator? What’s the diff? Terminology can get confusing in any technical products industry and in process signal I/O products it can be as well, especially with crossover in job disciplines and changeover in technical staff.

Signal transmitters and signal conditioners can have in fact the same signal input and signal output functions yet with different packing for different market / application usages. For instance, Acromag’s TT339-0700 frequency input Transmitter that can be configured with a 0-5VDC analog output in a DIN Rail mount housing. Likewise, Acromag’s uB45-B frequency input microBlox┬« Signal Conditioner with a 0-5VDC analog output that is the size of a small match book and mounts on a multi-channel backplane.

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See the full microBlox signal conditioners series

Signal transmitters and conditioners alike perform signal conversion, galvanic isolation and digital or analog filtering and I/O scaling. Call it a conditioner or a transmitter, call on Acromag for your signal I/O needs.

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