New CompactPCI® Serial Carrier Cards

New CompactPCI® Serial Carrier Cards Host Two AcroPack® Industrial I/O Modules for Data Acquisition, Control, or FPGA Processing

Acromag’s new 3U CPCI-S.0 boards interface two ruggedized mPCIe analog I/O, digital I/O, serial communication, and FPGA mezzanine modules to an embedded computing system.

Wixom, MI: Acromag has released their ACPS3310 and ACPS3320 3U CompactPCI® Serial mezzanine module carrier cards for embedded measurement and control applications. These cards have two AcroPack module slots, thus accommodating a wide variety of I/O signal processing tasks. AcroPacks are a family of enhanced mini PCIe modules that perform a variety of functions, including; analog I/O, digital I/O, serial communication, and FPGA computing. Field I/O signals are securely routed through the carrier board from 68-pin front panel connectors to the AcroPack I/O modules; therefore eliminating internal cables and metalwork modifications. Additionally, a PCI Express link interfaces the I/O modules to the bus backplane.

CompactPCI® Serial is a modern, high-performance modular embedded computing standard that’s fast, versatile and economical. As a result, it’s ideal for these applications:

  • defense
  • aerospace
  • transportation
  • oil/gas
  • scientific
  • test/measurement
  • manufacturing

More than 25 AcroPack I/O Modules

“With our latest carrier, more than twenty-five rugged AcroPack I/O modules are now available to developers of CompactPCI® Serial computer systems,” explains Russ Nieves; Acromag Vice President of Sales. “Meaning that integrators can easily tailor an exact solution for their I/O requirements with a mix of AcroPacks. COTS-based AcroPack modules are yet another example of Acromag making it easy and affordable for our customers to meet demanding I/O requirements.”

ACPS3310 has front I/O access and features two isolated I/O expansion slots (AcroPack or mPCIe)
ACPS3320 has rear I/O access and features two I/O expansion slots (AcroPack or mPCIe)

CompactPCI Serial is a PICMG® open standard with proven Eurocard mechanics supported by a wide variety of vendors providing CPUs, racks, graphics, storage, communication, and other peripherals. These AcroPack carriers adds a wealth of rugged, I/O signal processing solutions to the CPCI-S bus ecosystem. AcroPack modules are available for A/D, D/A, discrete level monitoring/control, counter/timer, RS232/422/485, GbE, CAN bus, avionics, and FPGA computing tasks. Software tools support Linux®, Windows®, and VxWorks® operating systems.

About Acromag

Founded in 1957, Acromag, Inc. is an international corporation headquartered near Detroit, Michigan, that designs and manufactures high-tech industrial electronics. With a global network of sales representatives and distributors, Acromag offers a complete line of embedded computing and I/O solutions. These lines include; general purpose I/O boards, single-board computers, FPGA modules, embedded computers, COM Express products, mezzanine modules, wiring accessories, and software. Industries served include military, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and scientific research laboratories.

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