New VPX 6U Carrier Cards Host XMC and AcroPack mPCIe I/O Modules Providing Maximum Flexibility for a Mix of Functions

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New Universal Input Display Transmitter/Alarm Features Extra-Large Digits for Big and Bright Indication of Process or Temperature Values

Acromag’s new line of panel meters provide process current transmitter output and limit alarm relays for current, voltage or temperature inputs. Wixom, MI: The first release from Acromag’s new Vertu™ brand of innovative instrumentation is the VPM3000 Series of universal input displays with transmitter and alarm capabilities. These instruments combine the digital indicator function of…

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Acromag’s Newest AcroPack® Rugged Mini PCIe I/O Module Combines A/D, D/A, Digital I/O & Counter/Timer Channels

The new AP730 provides a mix of analog and digital input and output channels on a single mPCIe-based module for high-density, high-reliability data acquisition and control applications. Wixom, MI – January 6, 2020 – Acromag adds another military-grade measurement and control module to their AcroPack series of rugged mini PCIe I/O modules. The new AP730…

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COM Express: Three Reasons to Use it

Aside from the small size and ruggedness characteristics of COM Express systems, the major benefits come from the ability to upgrade the CPU when necessary and the I/O module configurability. These small form factor computer systems were built to be very general purpose.

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Case Study: Custom Fire Suppression System for New Stadium

Challenge: Develop a custom engineered fire suppression system for a new indoor football stadium. Regulations require protection against fire hazards which could occur during monster truck rallies or other events that may have flammable material on the stadium floor area. Solution: Akron Brass StreamMaster II Electric Fire Monitors (water cannons) with Style 5177 nozzles (1250…

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Acromag Launches New Website for Measurement and Control and Embedded I/O Professionals

New features include a product feature filter and easier access to technical support documentation for process instrumentation and embedded computing applications. Wixom, MI:  Acromag, a design and manufacturer of electronic industrial equipment for measurement and control and embedded I/O applications recently announced the redesign of its website. With a fresh look and feel, the site…

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Strategic Partnerships: A Key to Future Success

In today’s world, defending freedom has taken on an entirely new look. Military technology continues to accelerate at a very rapid pace, making it difficult for our forces to maintain an edge. Companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon and Boeing are now partnering to create solutions for our military’s needs.  In the field of radar…