Acromag’s Tried and True Transmitters

By Mike, Inside Technical Sales Representative

As we close out the first half of 2019, (WOW yes, already!) I reflect on the incredible breadth of instrument and control signal I/O applications that Acromag signal isolators and transmitters are used in; from aerospace to waste water and all between. Considering that Acromag, a Michigan manufacturer of industrial control products, has been serving our customers worldwide for over 60 years, the applications seem endless.

Reliable Acromag Transmitters

The job of inside sales presents me with new and interesting signal I/O jobs to apply to Acromag transmitters every day. It’s gratifying to receive calls from customers in need of technical assistance on our tried and true transmitters that have been operating in the field day in and day out for many years.

Yesterday was one such day, when a customer contacted me for a user manual. He needed some assistance with calibrating his Acromag transmitters that were shipped in 2008 and consequently no longer in production. The service part of sales goes with the territory, and I was able to provide the manual. As a result, he completed his calibration process and was nice enough to provide the picture to the right. They have many of our isolated mA to DCV converters from over 10 years ago still doing their job!

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